Legacy Workshops

What is a 'Legacy’ workshop?

"Neil is someone who walks the talk, he is one of the most authentic speakers we have had" - Drew Pryde, Chairperson of SIBL (Scottish Institute of Business Leaders) -Jan 2012

This is a workshop like no other. It is dynamic and revelatory. It is provocative and inspirational. It is challenging and pragmatic. It will energise your life and career like no other workshop. It will offer you a new perspective on life, relationships and what you are meant to be doing in life. It will show you how to have a wealthier life and the importance of working out our SQ (spiritual intelligence) muscle.

Funerals, Baby Naming, Renewal of Marriage VowsThrough thought provoking exercises and input it will become clear that life is good and meaningful and joy filled. This is your life. It should be healthy and wealthy. There is only one, it won’t last forever and tomorrow is promised to no-one. But if you live everyday as if it were you last, like many of the world’s most successful people do, you will be energised and inspired to live your life in a new way.

What you will take home from this workshop, back to your work places and your family homes is a realisation that life is too short to be wasted and how to actively use your spiritual intelligence to generate a healthier and wealthier life. As long as your heart is ticking and you have air in your lungs you can do anything at all. What if you won the lottery tomorrow and had absolutely no worries whatsoever, what would you being? If you know the answer then that is what you should be doing today, not tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. We are called not just to leave a legacy but live a legacy and aspire to the highest intelligences of life - emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Why you should attend The Legacy Workshop?

Everyone has a story, what’s yours? Our days on this earth are not a trial run. The Legacy Workshopis a unique self development time that can genuinely change peoples lives and their perspectives on the world. We do not always get opportunities to reflect on the most important things in life and how I will be remembered at the end of my life. But as Steve Jobs, the inventor of the Apple Mac said, your legacy and what will be said about you at your funeral is the greatest motivational tool he has ever known. The workshop will allow you to see the wealth of your life and how you can share that wealth with others. It is thought provoking, it is left field and everyone will get something powerful from the day.

If you are someone who truly wants to achieve and live life to the full you should attend this workshop. Time is precious and time is short. Do you want to get more from the 86,400 seconds that fill your day and near the autumn of your years feeling you have achieved almost everything you ever wanted to achieve in life? Do you sometimes feel stressed out and pulled in all directions by family work and friend and are left thinking, ‘Is this all life is?’ If you were to attend your own funeral and you could hear all the things that were being said about you, would you feel you had engaged a life fulfilled? Do you feel you are at a crossroads in life and need some guidance and direction? What is it your really feel called to do in life? Are you ready to leave a legacy that live on and shine brightly for the people who come after you? Life and people are rich beyond measure.

This workshop only takes a few hours in a single day but its benefits could last a lifetime.

The learning objectives of The Legacy Workshop?

The beauty of The Legacy Workshop is that it does not so much impart information and tell you how to think and act as take you on a personal journey. You will get out of the day what you want out of the day but the experience will be different for every participant. But at the end you should have

  • A new perspective and a bigger picture in which to frame you life, relationship and working life
  • Deeper insight into why you work and why you do what you do
  • A clearer understanding of your deepest passions in life
  • A clearer understanding of what wealth is
  • Encouragement to develop your SQ (spiritual intelligence) muscle
  • An enthusiasm and freedom to tackle unfinished ideas and projects
  • A realisation that life is very short and it is so important to make the right choices and to use our natural talents to achieve even more in life
  • A personal mission statement, a legacy letter or your very own eulogy to celebrate you life
  • A valuation of your personal dreams and goals and what you bring to the workplace. By knowing who you really are and what drives you to get out of bed every day you will have a deeper understanding of who you are and how to move forward knowing your life and work contributions are not in vain
  • Motivation to want a more meaningful life and what you need to do to get it and a realisation that you are living a legacy right now, you only have one beautiful life and This is your (only) life.