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What is ‘This Is Your Life’ coaching?

In ‘This Is Your Life’ coaching the focus is not on the failings and fears of the past but on the pathways to success in the near future. So well done to you if you know where you are at right now and where you want to be say in 6 months from now. It is great that you have decided to want more from life and are willing to do something about it.

Funerals, Baby Naming, Renewal of Marriage VowsIn my work with bereaved families, I have met many people who have maybe lost both parents (say in the space of two years) are at that stage when children leave home and maybe go to college and all of a sudden everything that was familiar is gone. There is a radical change in life that had suddenly crept up and people can lose a sense of identity- Who am I? What is my purpose now as a mum? I will miss not being able to go to my parent’s house and feel ‘at home’?

Bereavement is all about change. Sometimes bereavement is manageable, for others it can be very complex and can strike at the core of their being and who they are as an individual.

Bereavement is just one example of change but it highlights the point that sometimes in life we reach a stage where we know we have to change something, that we are maybe half way through our lives on this earth and I have not discovered my purpose and we need guidance and direction of what to do next.

If this is you then ‘This Is Your Life’ coaching is perfect for you. It will

  • Allow you see what you want from your life and where you want to be in life?

  • It will invite you to live your truest passions and living the life you are meant to live?

  • It will help you plan a route between the ‘now’ where you want to be? What issue are there? And more than that the plan can be fun and one that is perfectly achievable.

  • Offer you follow up to make sure you stay on track – as we see in reality TV programmes when they revisit the garden, for example, 3 months or a year later

Funerals, Baby Naming, Renewal of Marriage VowsMany people tell themselves they want to change something in their lives. We traditionally do it here in Scotland with New Years Resolutions that is why all the slimming clubs put adverts on the TV at this time.

The problem is that while many say, for example, they will lose three stones in three months, many people revert back to old habits, get demoralised and give up. Some even end up in a worse place because they feel they have failed again and then keep telling themselves what a failure they are.

People use coaches because they want to change and they want someone to hold them accountable to that change. It is not quite what we see with the slimming club on the TV show ‘Little Britain’, there people tend to be told about their failings rather than their progress. But you get the picture. You are in one place, you want to be somewhere else and you need a coach to encourage you to and help you achieve real and lasting results.

Only here’s the twist, it’s not me who is in charge - you are. At the end of the day you decide what you want to change in life. I can help you create a training plan (to run marathon for example) and cheer you from the sidelines as you race but you have to want to complete the marathon for your own reasons.

Coaching helps YOU find your own realistic and achievable targets. Coaching will give you focus, standards, results and hopefully some fun. It is all about achievable results and follow up so that you can live your own dream, be the person you were born to be, so you have the life you want and feel fulfilled.